I was a summer baby and he was born in the dead of winter

He was a veteran in the love game, I was more a beginner

He was such a night owl and I rose with the sun

We came together so perfectly

Two kindred spirits, intertwined as one

He taught me more than any teacher

He inspired me more than any peacher

As I learned from him, he learned from me

Little did I know, I taught him to be free

I taught him how to free himself of his inhibitions and he taught me how to live unapologetically

I grew

He grew

We grew together

We grew so much that I didn’t notice the change in the weather

For I was summer and he was winter and we’d only produce storms when we came together

His leaves fell and he began to grow cold

My flowers began to blossom

So colorful, so vibrant, so bold

I’ll hold on to that winter for many reasons

Because without it, I would not have known that spring would be my favorite season.


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