I hate trying to be something that I’m not. The truth is, I am a sensitive, caring, sarcastic, selfless, selfish human being. I care more about how people say things than what they say. I sometimes want my cake and eat it too, but it’s my cake so why can’t I? I am a feminist and I will argue with you to death about how women are as capable as men. I am a realist, because optimism is a fairytale. I am a dreamer, but I am very in touch with reality. I am a walking, talking contradiction. I allow people to hurt me, and let them come back in my life like nothing is wrong. I’m a talker but I don’t like to talk. I am a cry-er but I hate to cry. I enjoy being misunderstood, but I long for understanding. I am a procrastinator, but I hate last minute things. I am completely scatter-brained and unorganized, but I like for things to be in order. I like being an individual but I long for an equal. I love silence, but I want to be heard. 

I don’t even understand me sometimes, so its okay if you don’t get it. 


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