Campus Chic

At a campus like the University of Texas at Austin, comfort is key. I know pretty hurts beauty hurts, but walking up and down the hills of Austin, Texas is a workout in itself and I don’t really need the extra hassle of uncomfortable clothing. I may sound like a contradiction because I often complain about how the people I go to school with don’t give even the slightest thought to their appearance. For them, a pair of running shorts and an oversized t-shirt is about the best they can come up with. With that being said, I believe in chic comfort. Trust me, there is a way to be comfortable and cute at the same time. As of lately my favorite thing to do is pair sweater or sweatshirt with a cute pair of sneakers (thanks to my friend, Jazmine) and a bold (or subtle) lip. Trust me, you put can just eyeliner and mascara on, and if you add a little lipstick or lipgloss, it’ll look like you’ve spent a while on your make-up. I do it all the time. 

Anywho, here’s what I wore on my first day back at UT…


Here’s a better view of the shoes:


Jeans: Urban Outfitters| Sweatshirt: Forever 21| Shoes: Reebok Kamikaze| Lipstick: MAC’s Heroine


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