forget me not

No, I haven’t forgotten about you. As much as I want to you’re still lingering in the back of my mind, tormenting me in the late hours of the night. I can pretend you don’t exist and I can pretend you don’t bother me anymore, but who am I kidding? You’re slowing eating away at my sanity as I drift further and further from humanity. You’ve stolen my joy and replaced it with doubt and worry. My thoughts are endless and my mind is racing. You consume me. I can’t remember what its like to live without you. I can’t shake you, no matter how much I try to. You’ve taken away my interests and genuine excitement. I’ve always wanted to live care free…not careless. You keep me up late at night and into the early morning if let you. I was doing so well, I thought that I would forget you. You still taunt me and you’re breaking me down. How can I project myself as a queen, when you’ve stolen my crown? I keep telling myself you’re all in my mind, so exit quietly, if you wouldn’t mind. I’m screaming on the inside, because I’m trapped in your mental prison. How could a girl like me get herself in such a position? This doesn’t happen to people like me, I just don’t understand it. They told me to take control of you, and you’d do whatever I commanded. I’m going to go to bed tonight hoping you won’t appear.  But I can feel you coming like a rocket. You’ve taken over my mind, my thoughts. Stop it.


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