To all the girls that has never had their names on keychains…

To all the girls that has never had their names on keychains…

Well aren’t we the lucky ones. We’ve been made fun of for having “different names” and have been told many times that we need a “normal” name. And if I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked, “I’m sorry, how do you pronounce your name?”, I’d be somewhere on the Forbes list between Carlos Slim and Oprah.

I can’t tell you how much I resented my parents for giving me such a peculiar name. It was so bad that many people didn’t know if my name was male or female, so I’ve spent a lot of time in school mandated workshops for boys, nothing says awkward that being the only girl in a room full of pre-pubescent boys. Oh and there are the times where I’m just simply called by my last name because what’s the point of even trying to pronounce it. When I was younger, I would make an effort to go up to my teachers and introduce myself and tell them how to pronounce my name, just to avoid major humiliation.

Then there are the people who simply don’t understand what you’re going through and try to place their trivial name issues in the same space as your life long battles. I used to say, “I would love to have a normal name” and, “I just want to have my name on a keychain”. But what is normal exactly? Normal is a reflection of society and is normally synonymous with the “dominant”. If that’s the case, I’m good with abnormality.

To all the girls, that have nicknames identifying for you easier, I get it. To everyone have has ever been laughed at and asked, “What were your parents thinking?” I get it. To everyone that has ever considered or has changed their name to something more acceptable…I get it. To everyone who stopped caring what other people thought and held their heads high as they pronounced their “unique” name…I get it. And to all the girls that has never had their names on keychains…forget their generic keychains, let’s make our own.




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