young girl.


She takes pictures in her dirty mirror cause she ain’t got no class

She turns to the side and gets the perfect angle to accentuate her ass

She makes her face and does her hair

Just so men can come to her pretending they care

She gives it to the first man that tells her what she wants to hear

Then the cycle begins again

If only she could love herself, more than she loves these men

She’s much more than her 26-inch Malaysian wavy

Ass real fat and skin softer than a newborn baby

We know its all you; no one ever said it was plastic

But look up baby girl; we can’t see your eyes underneath those lashes

Its okay, tell me your thoughts

I know you have dreams that go well beyond designer bags and diamond rings

Or maybe you don’t

Maybe you’re complacent

Maybe you don’t have complex thoughts

Maybe you’re just basic

Maybe you’re just living your truth and the rest of the world will have to face it.


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