Just Something on my Mind…

Why is it that we feel we need to go to church to get closer to God. Personally I’d much rather praise God on my own and focus on building my personal relationship with Him. In my opinion, religion is all about fear and public worship. I’d much rather focus on my walk with God and becoming a better person, the person God intended for me to be. It bothers me when people shun people shun others for the way they chose to live their life. The same person criticizing you for not being in church Sunday morning, will be the same person sitting in the pews talking about what the next person has on. Yeah, because you have to God-given right to judge any and everyone…(sarcasm). 

And why is it only when someone dies people all of a sudden remember how short life is. Only when someone loses theirs i when people want to “get their lives together’. Truth is, we should already be walking with God. You should not be reminded to put God first in your life, when something tragic happens. 



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