Land of the Free, Home of the Oppressed? (originally posted May 21, 2012)

As a black woman, how dare I aid in the oppression of another victimized group? Once again, as a BLACK WOMAN, HOW DARE I AID IN THE OPPRESSION of another victimized group? Being black has its own dark history of oppression, and being a woman, while it may not be as dark, has its own history of oppression. Oppression of a group that is seen to be different or the “other” should be listed as one of America’s specialties. From the time the first English settlers landed in the “New World” (because they could not have discover a land that was already inhabited) to present day, there has always been a group or groups of people being oppressed and being made feel less of a human. Which now brings me to my point of writing this—GAY MARRIAGE. While I am not gay myself, I am still in support of gay marriage. Who am I to say who can and cannot love one another? Americans love to bring the bible into and preach about what God said about gay marriage. My thing is this, if God doesn’t approve of homosexual relationships, and then let God judge them. It is not your job as a human being to speak for God, because at the end when all of us go to get judged, it will be God that does the judging not you. And for these so called Christians, you do know that judging them is just as wrong, correct? Only the unsinned are able to cast a stone at sinners, and there is no one on this Earth who is able to do so. And for everyone who is saying that gay marriage will eventually lead to bestiality, this makes no sense at all. I cannot call you stupid because I have absolutely no idea what goes on in that closed mind of yours, but it does not make any sense. Homosexuals are humans; they are people will feelings who are capable to love. The way heterosexual marriages are going, homosexual marriage just might be what the country needs to help bring the notion of love back into marriage. In closing, when is this oppression going to stop? When is America going to become the nation that it claims to be? A nation of tolerance and equality. A nation worthy of all the accolades. A nation that EVERYONE can be proud to call home.




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