Food For Thought (originally posted October 6, 2011)


I’m reading a book called, “Young, Gifted, and Black”. Its is a pretty interesting book, and it talks about the education of African-American youth in this country. While I do agree with many of the points made in this book, i have some critiques: 

While I do agree that United States education system is failing African-American students, we can’t just sit there and play victim. The United States as whole hasn’t been too kind to African-Americans since the beginning, but we can’t sit here and be a victim of our circumstances. There are less Black influential people to look of up to than White…yes. There hardly any positive Black figures in mainstream media…yes. African-Americans are often under represented and/or inaccurately portrayed…yes. The crazy thing about all of these issues I listed is, these are all EXCUSES. There have been Black people waaaayy before our generation that suffered far worse than us, but that didn’t stop them. They have something that African-Americans lack today…self-ambition. 

It is true that African-Americans are socio-economically more disadvantaged than Whites, but that is still an excuse. I’ve seen people come from some of the worst circumstances imaginable, and become very successful. They didn’t let their situations bring them down, instead they used it as motivation. If you don’t see anyone that you think Black youth can look up to, YOU try to become that positive role model. Don’t complain about it, do something about it. You don’t think African-Americans are being represented well enough in government…go do something about it. Go vote, create petitions, hold rallies, do something to get someone’s attention. Black people, we have to stop playing the victim, because its getting really old. If you don’t like your situation…change it!


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