I was a summer baby and he was born in the dead of winter He was a veteran in the love game, I was more a beginner He was such a night owl and I rose with the sun We came together so perfectly Two kindred spirits, intertwined as one He taught me more than … More Seasons

In My Head

I feel like I haven’t written anything in a long time. I could say that the reason is because I have nothing to say, or that I have just been experiencing too much life that I haven’t gotten a chance to sit and write. I could say both of those things, but both of those … More In My Head

Things I’ve Learned About Myself in College

After four grueling, fun-filled years, its finally here. Yes, college graduation is among us (in 3 days to be exact). I’m still going through the various life transition emotions and I am currently sitting comfortably in the anxiety stage. As the ceremony rapidly approaches, I sit around and think about how much myself and my … More Things I’ve Learned About Myself in College